Production Plant

Technology and innovation have always been two strengths in the history of ESI: natural products, but technologically advanced, continuous investment, to ensure maximum safety, combined with high production capacity. Our compression facilities are capable of compressing up to 300,000 tablets per hour, of various types and such as the cute little bears and dinosaurs for products aimed at children, to microtavolette or patented ovalette®. Capable of producing over 80,000 capsules per hour, in the different formats and 12,000 bottles per hour in the liquids department. This allows us to exceed 12 million finished products per year. ESI has developed and patented a special system for the realization of the Retard Capsule: 4 small differentiated release tablets are inserted inside a capsule.

This ensures a constant and gradual release of the active ingredients, giving the body time to assimilate and transport them throughout your body for an extended effect. ESI also has a sophisticated system for the coating of tablets, to make them easier to swallow. The liquid packaging department was recently expanded with the introduction of Pocket Drink®, practical sachets, particularly appreciated for their practicality. Exploiting the opportunities afforded by modern technology (such as the use of digital cameras) also allows you to refine procedures for packaging and offer the consumer a product of total quality in every respect.