The growing competitiveness within the market today, and the proper needs of more selective and informed costumers, encourage more than ever all productive and commercial companies to work under quality assurance conditions. In particular, regarding the food industry, the CEE directives regarding food hygiene have been carried out. Also, with the D.L. n. 155/97, the introduction of a Plan for Self Management (HACCP) to guarantee the products’ healthiness has become compulsory. HACCP system is a start, compulsory by law, towards a more global organization focused on quality. ESI leads the way among other companies in dietetic and health fields. It has followed the course of global quality, embracing a certified quality’s philosophy, which brings the company to a more direct approach with consumers. ESI has always been in total compliance with the norms of the HACCP system, guaranteeing that product manufacturing, storing and transportation follow current regulations. It has obtained the 9001 ISO CERTIFICATION, that guarantees the total quality of its products, from planning to manufacturing and commercialization.

Thanks to the acknowledgement from prestigious entities in the IQ Net (The International Certification Network), the obtained certification is valid in all European countries, Canada, Japan and other highly developed countries in the world. The simultaneous introduction of the HACCP and the ISO 9001 Quality System brings a synergic effect towards global quality. For ESI spa, working under quality assurance conditions, means having the possibility to offer services and products in compliance with legislations and specific regulations. Overall, we care about customers’ expectations.